All of our Summer Camp activities have been adjusted to social distancing activities, with reduced stable group sizes, outdoor activities and our indoor space has windows and doors on all four sides of the room with fans moving air constantly. Health department rules for cleaning and sanitation have been implemented. Special training tools have been developed to support martial arts skill development without contact. We have also created an entire series of social distancing games.

An empowering, fun, and enriching martial arts program for youth ages 4-17

Aikido Kids of Tamalpais Martial Arts Classes

Aikido Kids of Tamalpais (AKT) is an empowering, fun, and enriching after-school martial arts program for children and youth between the ages of four and seventeen that offers daily classes, Samurai summer camps, day camps, friendship seminars, and community events for those who want a more immersive experience.

The most effective way to learn is to be relaxed, feel safe, and have a good time while being passionately involved. That is exactly what your child will find here at Aiki Kids.

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Dolano Arthur Aikido Instructor


Chief Instructor Dolano Arthur Sensei, mother of three school-aged girls, has been training Aikido for over 26 years and holds the rank of 3rd degree black belt. Dolano Sensei is the founder of AKT which serves students ages 4-17 years of age.


Sensei’s focus in these programs is on helping children to advocate for themselves and each other in bully prevention models of self defense.

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What Kids Learn From Aikido Training


As a deflective martial art that strives to create win/win situations for all, Aikido training teaches that peace is not a stagnant harmonious situation; it is an ever-changing invitation to find our center and move in integrity with ourselves and with others. Aikido Kids of Tamalpais provides your child with a dynamic structure for building powerful cooperative connections with others, developing clear communication skills, and learning to live in the world with an open, wise heart that is both compassionate and discerning.
The training we provide is tailored to the capacities and skill levels of the children within each age group, and careful attention is paid to the learning style and pace of every student.

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