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Dolano Arthur Bio

Chief Instructor Dolano Arthur Sensei, mother of three, has been training Aikido for 35 years and holds the rank of 3rd degree black belt. Dolano Sensei is the founder of Aikido Kids of Tamalpais which serves students ages 4-18 years of age.


In addition Dolano has taught Aikido in High School's, Middle School's and she has implemented Peace Coaching Programs at the elementary and middle school levels. Sensei’s focus in these programs is on helping children to advocate for themselves and each other in bully prevention models and self defense.


When Sensei is not having a good time with kids on the mat she furthers the principals of aikido off the mat. 

Dolano is a Certified Somatic Coach through Strozzi Institute, as well as a student of Wendy Palmer's for the past 35 years. Using principals of aikido she gives individual coaching sessions helping teens with their relationships, socialization and future decision making processes.

Dolano does extensive work with adults through parenting workshops and one on one coaching. Dolano supports people with and through the body to help inform her clients of how we can effectively be with and move through life's pressure situations. She helps empower people with career challenges or changes, as well as opening up the ability and understanding of what it takes to engage and deepen into relationships and she helps to facilitate enriched family environments.

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