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Body-Mind-Awareness Training



  • ground and center itself so that we do not get knocked over by the force of any potential impact and can learn to advocate for ourselves and others

  • stand tall in order to gain a better perspective of any life situation, find our dignity, and act in accord with our vision

  • broaden our width—the horizontal line of the body that reaches out into the world—in order to embrace fully any situation we might face and enhance our sense of connection, community, and interdependence

  • increase flexibility so that we can move toward the openings that present themselves, building empathy and the capacity to include ourselves and others

  • develop resilience by getting up over and over again when we do get knocked over


We train the mind to become quiet so that we can be aware of what is going on inside and outside our body.

We train the awareness to include the space around us as part of us, giving ourselves the capacity to take up more than the physical space our bodies inhabit.


–Dolano Arthur Sensei

We train the body how to

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