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What is AKT?

Aikido Kids of Tamalpais (AKT) is an empowering, fun, and enriching after-school martial arts and mentorship program for children and youth between the ages of four and eighteen that offers daily classes, Samurai summer camps, day camps, friendship seminars, and community events for those who want a more immersive experience.


A dojo is a multi-age, multi-rank, multi-dimensional learning environment. Never a dull moment! In a space that is supportive, safe, yet challenging, kids have fun practicing how to focus and build their attention span, become flexible in motion, increase mindfulness, and learn to problem-solve authentically yet peacefully.


In teaching children to move with grace, flexibility, and cooperative awareness on the mat and in the dojo space, we are also teaching them how to move through the world in such a way that they are heard, seen, loved, and respected for who they are. They will then naturally be able—and want—to hear, see, include, and respect others.  


The most effective way to learn is to be relaxed, feel safe, and have a good time while being passionately involved. That is exactly what your child will find here at Aikido Kids of Tamalpais.


—Dolano Arthur Sensei

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