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AKT Dojo Policies






AKT Program General Policies

Our classes require a seasonal commitment. Our program is organized into 3 seasons per year in conjunction with the academic school year.  The fall season begins in September and goes through the end of January, our spring season goes from February through the beginning of June. During the summer season we offer numerous camps and intensives. 

Our youth program serves youth 4-18 years of age.  All classes are organized based on age. 



Registration must be completed by paying online or in person (not over the phone) and is on a first come, first serve basis.  A space is not guaranteed until full tuition is paid.

Classes, including summer intensives, are subject to cancellation if enrollment is too low. 

Tuition fees including summer camp fees are non-refundable – please choose carefully.  The only exception to this policy is if we cancel a class or camp, in which case you will be refunded.

Missed Classes/Shelter in Place orders/Inclement Weather/Disruptive Behavior

There is no credit, makeup or refund for missed classes, shelter in place is orders, inclement weather or if air quality is in the unhealthy range. After the first three weeks of any fall or spring program, or any time during summer camps there are no refunds offered if we ask your child to leave the program due to disruptive behavior or inability to follow instructions. 


Free trial classes, and drop in fee

If a class has not reached capacity, new students may try out a class free of charge before registering.  The drop-in rate after the initial free class is $40. Drop in fee will be calculated per class until the beginning of the next month at which point a payment plan can be set in place. We do not allow ongoing drop in fees.

Irregular drop-ins detract from the class experience for the teacher and regular committed students, so they are not allowed.  

We are not responsible for children left on premises before and after classes.

Children will not advance as quickly in rank if too many classes are missed. The more classes a child takes the quicker their rank advancement will be.

Ranking Up

There is a $60 testing fee when students rank up. Students get certification and a belt with each rank level they achieve. Children may earn stripes on their new rank level once testing fee payment has been completed. Black Belt testing fees apply to all students.

Payment plans 

Payment plans are available on a case by case basis and must be set up in person.  To divide tuition into 2 payments there is a finance charge of 5%. To divide tuition into 5 payments the finance charge is 10%.


Email announcements

We make all announcements via E-Mail. Please add us to your address book so our messages don’t get mis-directed into your “junk mail” folder.

All information regarding the dojo schedule can be found on the websites calendar.


If a student needs to withdraw due to illness or injury, please notify us immediately.  A doctor’s note is required to receive a credit for the remaining classes in the session.  The credit balance begins from the date of notification that your child will not be returning. The credit must be used in the following season or it will expire. Please see program Credit Policy below for specifics.

Aikido Kids of Tamalpais Credit Policy

In the case of illness or injury, if your child cannot return to class for the rest of the session or camp, we will offer a prorated credit after delivery of a doctors notice minus a 20% administration fee for classes and a 30% administration fee for camps.  


 Youth credits:


  • Begin from the date of notification that your child will not be returning

  • Must be used for another youth class registration and cannot be transferred to an adult class card or adult drop-in class

  • Cannot be transferred between siblings

  • Cannot be used as credit toward private lessons

  • Cannot be transferred to parents/adult family members and vice versa.  

  • Our adult program and youth program are separate and funds are not transferable. 

  • Must be used in the following season (Fall to the following Spring; Spring to following Summer or Fall; Summer to the following Fall) or they will expire.

  • There will be a 20-30% administration fee deducted depending on your program for processing the credit.


Aikido Kids of Tamalpais Policies

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