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What do we learn when training in the martial art called Aikido?

As a deflective martial art that strives to create win/win situations for all, Aikido training teaches that peace is not a stagnant harmonious situation; it is an ever-changing invitation to find our center and move in integrity with ourselves and with others. Aikido Kids of Tamalpais provides your child with a dynamic structure for building powerful cooperative connections with others, developing clear communication skills, and learning to live in the world with an open, wise heart that is both compassionate and discerning.


Through training their bodies, minds, and awareness, See "Body, Mind, Awareness" your children have fun learning things that increase their confidence and emotional maturity. This gives them a sense of belonging based on shared positive growth.


The training we provide is tailored to the capacities and skill levels of the children within each age group, and careful attention is paid to the learning style and pace of every student, See "Each Child is Unique”. As children progress, the basic skills are built upon and become more refined and advanced. Each class increases their capacity to be present, to fully embody themselves, to become effective leaders, and to be kind and generous human beings who can include, lead, and empower themselves and others.


–Dolano Arthur Sensei

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