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Find Your Bearings...

A Martial/Bike Camp for Girls

For Teens ages 13–17

Connect with nature, nurture girl connections, learn self-defense strategies, strengthen your leadership abilities. Build self-esteem while you build strong legs, shapely arms, killer core . . . who needs more?

Small groups only with a maximum of 6-8 girls.


Dates and Times:


Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm

Ages 13 - 17



Know how to ride a bike

Have a mountain bike or rent one

Bring a sack lunch, water, sun protection, wind protection



Morning Yoga: warm-ups and rolling practice

Solo Sword Practice: setting your intention, raising the energy

Hit the Mountain

Have lunch in a beautiful place

Partner Sword Practice: exploring relationship

Downhill Thrill

Cool-down Yoga and rolling practice

Circle Time

All activities are subject to change or substitution. 


What you get out of this:

Fun times! A good workout!  Sisterhood bonding!



Get a clear head! Learn to understand the power of practice.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, 

but a habit."

~ Aristotle



Shapely arms

Strong legs

Killer core

Basic nutritional knowledge for vibrant health

(low-carb doesn’t mean no-carb)



Connect with other teens

Explore yourself in relationships

Learn clear communication skills

Develop your capacity to be a leader



Learn new self-defense strategies

Find out about mountain safety and etiquette

(politeness is respectful but also a strategic move . . .

therefore safer!) 

Learn how to take a fall

Find the openings when stuck in tight places



Build your confidence

Adjust your self-image

Get to know yourself and your tendencies

Empower yourself to be in charge of

your own decisions and actions

(versus being a slave to your emotional states)



Spend time out in nature, cycling around our stunning watershed

Learn about our local habitat

Become aware of the trees and plants, animals and their markings

Learn about weather patterns; raise your drought awareness


Camp and write-up created by Dolano Arthur Sensei

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