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Gypsy Aikido Camp

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a well known and respected dojo. Top Sensei, Linda Holiday has a sith degree blackbelt in Aikido and has been training Aikido since 1970. Early on in life she was inspired to decicate her life to the martial art and spiritual discipline of Aikido. Overall the feeling of the Santa Cruz dojo is very welcoming and community oriented.


First Day ??? 2016

We will be traveling down to Santa Cruz on Tuesday morning, arriving in time for camp. We will have eaten our travel lunch that you packed for your children in route. After camp we will get settled into the dojo with our things and then go exploring Santa Cruz, and going out for dinner and possibly a movie. 


Second Day ??? 2016

The next morning we will be getting up making ourselves a simple breakfast at the dojo. Working together and cleaning up after ourselves to leave the community space as clean as we found it. We will be taking our training to the beach where we will be doing warm ups, rolling practices and Sword work. 

After lunch, which we will also be preparing at the dojo, we will be taking part in another day of camp. After camp we will go to the boardwalk and take some rides and have a fun time, challenging our vistibular system.

Dinner will be eaten out again.


Third Day ??? 2016

After mornign breakfast at the dojo, training on the beach, and lunch at the dojo we will be participating in an afternoon of Camp fun. After camp we will be packing up and heading back to Marin.



Campers meet at 142 Redwood Ave in Corte Madera at 9am and will get picked up on ??? evening around 6pm in the same location. $600 for all three nights.












Designed and written by Dolano Arthur Sensei



Camp Details

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